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Last night I fell asleep while watching 24. FELL ASLEEP! 24!! What is the world coming to? I thought I was enjoying the episode but the last thing I remember was Chloe telling the stupid girl where to go, and then I open my eyes and Audrey's all dripping with blood. So that made me really happy, until Jack was STUPID and gave up the recording for her. I'm still hoping that when I was asleep I missed some part where he made a copy, or gave a fake one to Henderson or something. Because seriously, saving LongFace instead of sticking it to the man? That's just WRONG!

I still can't believe I fell asleep. That's just depressing.

Meanwhile, over at Fox River some stuff happened, and then some more stuff happened, and then MICHAEL AND SARA HAD A TOTAL MOMENT OF ADORABLE CUTENESS and then some other stuff happened. Seriously, the two of them are beyond adorable, and the touching!! Sigh. I wish I had a prison inmate who looked at me like that. Well... maybe not.

On a non-shippy note, I'm really glad to see them pull one over on the guards. That was sweet. Go inmates go! And Haywire, trying to be in on everything, but not quite having the smarts to pull it off. And ew! Did anyone else notice that Michael tapped the side of his head with the same two fingers he had shoved down Haywire's throat? Gross!

On a mildly related note, the guy at work who is a total slightly older Wentworth Miller look alike resigned today. The eye candy level just dropped dramatically. Le sigh.
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