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It's not a good sign when you're having a bad day and it's 6:00 am. I'm working the 6 to 2 shift this week. So I pop out of bed at 5:15, and find something to wear. I go with a purple V-neck sweater I got at Old Navy that looks awesome with my Magneta Lane t-shirt under it. I love the sweater because it's cozy and the sleeves go to that perfect length, right to the middle of your hand. Or at least they used to, before I put it in the dryer a couple days ago. Now the sleeves hit at that awkward 1 1/2 inches before my wrist. Seriously, how did the sleeves shrink 5 inches?! I swear I've put it in the dryer before... anyway, Bad day = 1, Steph = 0.

So me and my shrunken sweater head out to the car. I start it up, and get out of the car and leaned down to reach into my back seat and pull out the scraper to wipe the snow off my car. Except while doing this I somehow manage to bang my mouth into the thingy on the front seat that the seat belt feeds through. Hard. I now look like someone punched me in the mouth. It split my lip, and it's all swollen. Bad Day = 2, Steph = 0.

I get back in my car, lip throbbing, and drive off to work... and my driver's side door swings open. While I'm driving. Apparently the catch that holds the door closed is frozen open. So I had to drive to work with one hand on the wheel, and the other holding the door closed. I still hit the Tim Hortan's drive through, because there was no way I was skipping coffee when all that happened to me before 6am. Bad Day = 3, Steph = .5 (for navigating drive through)

I was explaining all this to my co-worker this morning and he said "well at least it can't get any worse" which of course means that something worse will happen. I will keep you posted.

In other news, I haven't watched Veronica Mars yet, since I had to be in bed by 9 to get up so crazy early this morning. I liked Heroes, a lot. As for 24, I really really hope that kid isn't Jack's son. I mean, clearly he is since he's all tall and cute, and his "dad" isn't. But that kid's got to be, what, 15? And I figure that about 10 years have passed on the show. I may be totally off on that, if anyone knows please correct me. But based on that logic, back in season one the kid would have been 5ish. I know that Jack and Terri had problems, but I always assumed they were more recent. I'll be sad if Jack had an affair with Rena Sofer (what's her character's name? Anyone? Bueller?) AND with Nina. I was talking about this with my roommate and she just said "You KNOW Jack's a slut." Le sigh. Oh 24, I'll still love you even with all your crazy plot lines and inaccuracies. Using a cell phone in an underground nuclear bunker? No problem, you can get a signal down there. Or right near where a nuclear bomb has gone off. Cell phones always get perfect clear signals in 24 land. I think my favourite part was Jack suffocating his brother to find out where his dad is. That's pretty awesome. In my family if I want to know where my dad is, it goes like this:

me "hey, do you know where Dad is?"
one of my brothers "Nope, don't know."
me "K... let me know if you see him."

Clearly I've been going about it all wrong. I should be tying them to a chair and threatening them with torture. At least I know for next time. I'm also still waiting for my Chloe/Jack reunion.

I want to post some music later, so now that I've typed this in here, I will have to. [ profile] halfway2home has posted some awesome stuff lately, so I want to give her a few of my favourite instrumentals, as well as some Arcade Fire because they are so freaking good. Expect that sometime after 2pm(Eastern) when I'm home.

Date: 2007-01-28 07:44 pm (UTC)
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Wow, you did have the day from hell! Yikes. I can't even believe your door swung open, that's kind of hilarious. And scary.

Also, HEE! Yeah, maybe we were wrong all along, with the no-torturing of relatives.


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