Apr. 4th, 2008 10:56 pm
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Oh BSG, I've missed you. I kinda forgot how much I like this show. So thanks for coming back and being all kick ass and stuff.

spoilery stuff under here )

This post is brought to you by my shiny new macbook!
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In the past 4 days I've watched 24 episodes of House. For those of you playing the home game, that's about 6 episodes a day. Mind you, I only actually watched 2 today. I had to wait for my first half of season two download to finish. I was actually kind of happy I was sick this week, because the sick days on Monday and Tuesday really helped with the obsessive watching. Although watching a show about sick people when you're sick isn't the best idea I've ever had. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. Since my doctor is a very nice, sweet man who looks nothing like Hugh Laurie I managed not to show up at his office.

Let's talk about that for a minute, shall we? My Hugh Laurie love is knowing no bounds. See, I had Hugh Laurie love BEFORE House. Really I did. He was my favourite character in Sense and Sensibility. My friends were all "oh, that Hugh Grant is SO CUTE! And FOPPISH!" and I said "Forget him, the bitter sarcastic guy who played the idiot on Blackadder is the way to go!" OK, I totally didn't say that. Actually, I was all about Alan Rickman in that film. I really do have a thing for older men, don't I? As a teenager I passed on Hugh Grant for Alan Rickman. I was kinda hoping he'd say "yipi-ky-a motherfucker" but that's a bit out of place in a Jane Austen story. This is the point where I should tell you that I drank some wine with dinner. Anyway, lusting wise it was Alan Rickman, but I loved Hugh Laurie, especially his plea to stay with Emma Thompson in the den of sickness instead of heading off with his annoying wife. Classic!

Even before that, I knew Hugh Laurie as the idiot Prince on series... um... 2? of Blackadder. Which if you've never seen, you need to see it. Wait! It was Blackadder 3. 2 was the one with Miranda Richardson, although Hugh Laurie made guest appearances as 2 different characters. If you like British comedy, you have to see Blackadder. Rowan Atkinson at his finest, forget all that Mr. Bean crap. The point of all this rambling is that I love Hugh Laurie and I'm glad he's come back into my life again.

But what is wrong with all you people that you didn't make me watch House before? Clearly anything that sarcastic I will like. Ooh! Know what else? General spoilers for House Season 1 )

OMG!!11teen! Itunes on shuffle just put on Elbow's cover of Teardrop. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HOUSE!!!!

The last time I wrote this much about one show, it was when I hit full out obsession mode with SG1. I, unlike many other people I suspect, am looking forward to tomorrow's season premiere. By looking forward to, I mean looking forward to searching for a torrent, downloading it, and actually watching it sometime on Sunday. I really, really wish that we got SciFi network in Canada. Or that Space would at least get to show the episodes the same time that they run in the US. I guess we get Atlantis first don't we? Which would be great, if I watched Atlantis. Actually, I downloaded the second season, since I caught most of the first. I was going to watch it but then I picked up a used copy of House, and we all know where that led to.

I need to get to bed. Tell me House things people! But remember I've only seen 2 episodes of Season 2.

Super Sekrit message to [ profile] mspooh: MONTREAL! EEEEE!!!

Ok, so that wasn't so secret. Anyone want to come to Montreal with [ profile] mspooh and I? Labour day weekend. Please be sure and spell labour right.
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Last night I fell asleep while watching 24. FELL ASLEEP! 24!! What is the world coming to? I thought I was enjoying the episode but the last thing I remember )

Meanwhile, over at Fox River some stuff happened... )
On a mildly related note, the guy at work who is a total slightly older Wentworth Miller look alike resigned today. The eye candy level just dropped dramatically. Le sigh.


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